Teliuvo's services are not only high quality, but are commercially complete and competitive.

You leverage an unmatched combination of experience and resources that will quickly move you ahead in the North American VoIP and long distance market.
Private Label 
A complete turnkey solution that gives you peace of mind. We manage all aspects of running the service under your own brand and label.
Switch Partitioning
Expand your service portfolio without extensive capital outlay. You gain control of a "slice" of our world-class VoIP infrastructure and act as a "virtual owner".
Mid-sized and large businesses obtain significant savings on phone lines and long distance costs by using a "hybrid" VoIP option. This solution includes:
  • On-site installation of a hybrid call-routing device
  • Ability to continue using the current PBX
  • No requirement to upgrade or change desktop phones
  • Use of IP connectivity via trunks to reduce PRI costs
  • Interconnection of remote and overseas offices with no long distance costs
  • Routing of other long distance calls over the Internet
  • Fail-over routing of calls over the PSTN if internet connectivity fails
  • North American and international long distance calling at preferred rates
  • On-site installation and commissioning
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