Most large-sized companies use what is known as a PBX, or private branch exchange. This private telephone network helps save money because instead of connecting every single phone to an outside line, a set number of outside lines are shared by everyone in a company. Obviously, the cost savings is tremendous.
A PBX also makes communication within the company easier by assigning employees extension numbers, and it offers such functions as voice mail, conference calling, call forwarding, automatic call distribution, and much more. 
Traditionally, only large businesses could afford to invest in sophisticated PBX solutions. And with the rise of more Internet Protocol systems (IP PBX), the costs of implementing an internal telephone network became even more expensive.
Companies can look to outside service providers to host a PBX for them, which is an ideal way to lower costs. 
Pathway Communications now offers the ClearEdge™ hosted PBX Solution as an alternative to purchasing and implementing an internal PBX communication system. ClearEdge™ provides all the technology, features and benefits normally found in very expensive PBX systems, at a much lower cost. There are several benefits for businesses, including: no capital outlay or manpower costs to implement and support a full-fledged PBX system, advanced features such as voicemail to email and the ability to add home or remote workers to the system. 
Your company's entire voice network is overseen by Pathway, which uses the latest, dependable, world-class technology and has rigorous control processes to ensure you receive exceptional quality. 
Depending on the type of the ClearEdge service chosen, companies can enjoy unlimited local calling and/or unlimited calls to anywhere in North America, for a flat fee, thus reducing inter-branch long distance costs.
Dozens of features are included with the ClearEdge service, including web administration, front desk auto attendant, music on hold, in-network calling, conferencing, and much more. With ClearEdge™, any company can implement a highly reliable, scalable telephone PBX system and save money. 
  91% of the market for PBX systems will be using IP PBX by 2009.
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