Teliuvo’s services are not only high quality, but are commercially complete and competitive.

You leverage an unmatched combination of experience and resources that will quickly move you ahead in the North American VoIP and long distance market.
Private Label 
A complete turnkey solution that gives you peace of mind. We manage all aspects of running the service under your own brand and label.
Switch Partitioning
Expand your service portfolio without extensive capital outlay. You gain control of a “slice” of our world-class VoIP infrastructure and act as a “virtual owner”.
Customers of pre-paid phone cards will, typically, be immigrants and travelers who purchase cards to make low-cost long distance calls to their home countries. Others, such as students, those who frequently call overseas, and callers who haven't selected a preferred long distance telephone company, also use pre-paid phone cards because of their convenience.
Pre-paid phone cards can be sold in convenience stores, malls, newsstands, post offices, and small, grocery stores, airports and gas stations. The displayed advertised rates are much lower than ILECs' international rates and a toll-free access phone number and a personal identification number (PIN) are printed on each card. As a card issuer, you require to add customized charges and fees to create margins. These include:
  • Activation or setup fees
  • Call connection charges, taxes and surcharges
  • Variable billing increments from seconds to "the nearest x minutes"
  • Monthly service fees which are deducted from the balance each month
  • Predetermined card expiration dates
Teliuvo's Prepaid Long Distance Platform is used by clients to create general, special or tailored Prepaid Long Distance Calling Cards such as those for special regions or countries, for special interest groups and as affinity service offerings. Our platform offers you:
  • An interface to create customised Calling Card Plans
  • Automated PIN number creation and authentication
  • Account management system and database
  • Detailed subscriber and usage records
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